The Athabascan: Our Most Spacious Pool
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The Athabascan: Our Most Spacious Pool

by | Jan 26, 2023

It’s only February and we still have a few more months to go before winter ends. If you’ve been searching for an All Weather Pool that will provide you and your family with the maximum amount of space and endless hours of enjoyment, then the Arctic Spas® Athabascan pool is for you!


Maximum Space

At an astounding 14′ x 8′ x 4′ this backyard pool holds 1347 gal or 5100 liters. With the largest open water area in the All Weather Pool range, the Athabascan also contains 2 shuttle seats and has the capacity to fit 12 people.

In addition to simple moulded steps, an elevated area at the front of the tub allows little ones to take a break from deep-water activities.


Features Galore

Arctic Spas® come with a range of features as standard, but the ability to customize an Arctic Spas® is one of the key features of the brand. You can choose exactly what you want and need.

The Athabascan comes with a tether resistance swim system that was developed with professional athletes in mind. By providing stationary resistance while swimming, it allows rehabilitation or conditioning. It is easy to stay active when all you need to do is walk out your back door!

Features like the Northern Lights Colour Changing LED System inspired by the Aurora Borealis of northern winter skies create a soothing atmosphere at night. With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the appropriate lighting scheme for your mood.

Improve your experience even further with the addition of  WetTunes™  our stereo option with beautiful Poly Planar™ air-rise speakers. These durable speakers provide amazing sound, are made with high durability, and are engineered for even the harshest weather conditions.


Improved Energy Efficiency

Due to the innovative way that we have insulated our spas, you’ll be able to relax and swim in comfort knowing that your spa has improved energy efficiency!

Perimeter insulation, constructed with high-density polyurethane sprayed onto our self-supporting composite shell, and our Mylovac cover, which is 5″ thick to ensure that no heat will be lost.

Since the insulation is done this way, the motors provide additional energy savings with FreeHeat™. The heat from the motors is able to flow freely through the fiberglass heating your water for free!

We know how much it means to spend quality time with your family year-round and finding ways to do that in the winter can be a task. When you have The Athabascan right outside your door you won’t need to venture far to relax, swim, or play!