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Why Are Hot Tubs in High Demand

by | Dec 24, 2020

With a global pandemic going on, a lot has changed for a lot of people. People’s daily routines have changed and a lot of traditions and events have been affected as well. People are looking for new ways to have fun, stay active, and de-stress. As a result of COVID-19, there has been a massive increase in demand for outdoor products like hot tubs and pools and other fun outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy through any season.

Over this last year, Arctic Spas® has faced a tremendous demand for hot tubs and All Weather Pools. With conditions changing daily it makes sense for people to want to try and adapt to what this new normal is. For some, that means investing in a hot tub and including a daily hot tub soak into their routine.

With people not being allowed to travel and having to stay home, many instead are using the money they would typically spend on a family vacation, now on a hot tub, and turning their own home into an oasis they can enjoy all the time. People are wanting to make their homes an enjoyable and relaxing space now more than ever. 

Arctic Spas mom relaxes in a hot tub

 Why the increase in demand?

COVID-19 has changed a lot of people’s perspectives and has led to an increase in interest in health and relaxation-based activities. Over the last few months, the Arctic Spas® production teams and factories have been working tremendously hard to try and keep up with the demand while still making sure the health and safety of our team and quality of the product being produced are our top concerns.
Right now our factories and production teams are working extremely hard to follow and keep up with government mandates. While our factories are continuing to operate at a reduced capacity to make sure all of our employees are safe and can comply with government regulations, our teams are working very hard to produce top quality products as fast as they can and sending out as many shipments as soon as we can.

Many of our suppliers are also at capacity for production and getting in materials such as acrylic has been increasingly hard. There are only two suppliers that produce and with COVID-19 there has been an increased demand for plexiglass products for things like shields ordered by different government agencies for pandemic protocols.

Production delays due to COVID-19

Supply chain’s throughout the world have been hit hard by the pandemic. From productivity to martial shortages, there are many fires on many fronts to be fought. Production delays trickling down from multiple manufacturing sites are causing disruptions to supply chain’s everywhere. Full or partial plant closures in order to safeguard consumer and workforce health could continue to be necessary for manufacturers as we navigate these uncertain times.

How long is the wait?

Arctic Spas® has dealers all over the world and we are working as hard and as fast as we can to make sure you receive your tub as soon as possible. The time between placing your order and when you receive it depends on many factors including when you purchased your spa, which model you are purchasing, and as well as if you have any customizations to your spa.

Due to COVID-19 shipping of supplies has been more difficult due to ports going through renovations and other matters which can jam the flow of materials needed and impacts the production line if shipments aren’t able to come in time.

If you have any immediate concerns, please reach out to a local representative at your nearest Arctic Spas® dealers and they will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

If you are currently waiting for your Arctic Spas® pool or hot tub to arrive, we appreciate all of your support and patience while hot tubs are in demand. If you have any questions specific to your Hot Tub or spa order please feel free to reach out. We hope we can get your spa to you as soon as we possibly can.

If you are currently interested in buying a hot tub and worried about the wait, please reach out to a local representative with your concerns and they will be able to assist you in buying your new tub. To order a hot tub for 2021 please reach out to your local Arctic Spas® dealer. Once again all of us at Arctic Spas® thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate through these times.