Pump it UP

Essential Series


Pump it UP

Essential Series

The addition of a second powerful pump and 20 more jets ensures that even more therapy is made available in the primary seating areas.

The upper back and the critical lumbar areas are targeted with pulsating and rotating jets in this offering.


Water Volume: 423 US Gallons / 1601 Litres


Penderosa Pine



Ocean Wave

Mayan Copper

Platinum Swirl


Mediterranean Sunset

*Models displayed are representative of colors ONLY and may not be the model described.

Choose your spa jet configuration

Variations on the model include these options below:

45 Jets

Hot Tub Jets

(45) 3″ Single Pulse Jets

Jet Pump 1 Two-speed Spa Pump.

Jet Pump 2 Single-speed Spa Pump.

39 Jets

Hot Tub Jets

(25) 3“ Single Pulse Jets Plus 14 Air Jets

Jet Pump Dual-speed Spa Pump.

25 Jets

Hot Tub Jets

(25) 3″ Single Pulse Jets

Jet PumpDual-speed Spa Pump.

Custom Features

The ability to customize an Arctic Spa is one of the best features of the brand. Choose exactly what you want and need. The Mylovac cover and Forever Floor are also extremely popular.

No Maintenance Cabinet

Classic look and choice of color.

Forever Floor

All you need is level ground.

Mylovac™ Cover

Stronger, better insulated cover.

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