Pepperleaf Pulse™ Jets

Hydrotherapy, Redefined

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Perfect Pressure and Precision, Every Time

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Your spa should provide you with a boost of daily positivity, uplifting spirits and increasing relaxation. However, the faulty bearings and uncomfortable pin-point pressure of traditional jet systems can allow for the creation of anything but ease within your spa.

This is why Arctic Spas® has carefully crafted our exclusive Pepperleaf Pulse™ jets to feature convenient technology like screw-out removal, corrosion proof finishes, adjustable pressure, and bearing-less oscillation, allowing them to stand the test of time while offering easy maintenance and replacement capabilities.

With a wide variety of oscillating massage depths that range from gentle to invigorating, you can say goodbye to the aggressive, prodding pressure of stationary jet systems while melting into unparalleled hydrotherapy. Simply twist your jets to increase or decrease the flow of water and your spa experience will easily be tailored to your specific needs, every time.

Corrosion proof finishes work with seamless and bearingless rotation to ensure that your chlorine or saltwater jet system will remain in top condition for years to come, while our flush-to-the-wall jet design offers unimpeded comfort in every seat. Further elevate your spa experience with inspired aesthetic options such as stainless steel or black Pepperleaf Pulse™ jets.

It’s time to discover the new standard of comfort with the ease and luxury of Arctic Spas’ premium Pepperleaf Pulse™ jet systems.

A view of Pepperleaf Pulse jets fitted in a hot tub
Arctic Spas pepper leaf jets
Arctic Spas pepper leaf jets